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Do you know that design is about creativity and innovation? Trends and styles are changing constantly and for sure - it has not been unnoticed in the world of web and app design. Because of that, we are following all new design techniques and best-practices.


Just like everything is changing all the time, so do the technologies in software development. Adobe CS5 and CS6 have been worldwide used 2 years ago, but today, the Adobe CC is playing a bigger role. Also,  there are smaller companies in the market with programs like Affinity Designer, Sublime Text and Maschief being purchased alower price - becoming the Adobe's fair competition in the market place. For example, Dreamweaver uses standard templates for responsive design and folder structure with HTML5 and CSS3 files.

Within the Isatis Online Results we use the open-source CMS Umbraco. Because of the usage of Umbraco, we have many other possibilities of implementing the responsive web design. 




What makes a good design?

Getting an excellent web design should not be easy part, rather make it the most crucial part of any software product. To be successful, you should have the affinity and keep following all new and upcoming trends in the constantly changing world.  The combination of flat distributions, forms, typography, and colors must match with each other and the final result will be exactly what you have imagined. 


Design over the years

For almost 5 years ago, the web design looked really different. One of the main examples of change is the appearance of the menu. Initially, the best practice was to have it in a vertical left side position; but, today it has be transformed to the horizontal top navigation. The primary change factor was the usage of:

  • Smartphones
  • Tablets 

Due to the necessity of responsive web design on smaller devices a new type of menu was created - known as hamburger menu.  

Today the visualization is everything! Icons, infographics and illustrations, as well as the layout appearance and a close collaboration with our UX designers; are just some of the requirements for a more compact and user-friendly design. This is really important because it is common today that user scroll down independently to find useful information on the website. Enabling the user to orientate easily on the website, you do not need to care about the first impressions in live, rather make a magnificent design.

Bonus info:  Having more footage and less text - leaves you with a better impression.

About us

We have the knowledge, expertise and experience to build most advanced software products for the Dutch market. By delivering good results, we make our customers satisfied with our work.

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