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Project based outsourcing

How to start with the project outsourcing

We offer two types of full-project outsourcing services 'fixed price model' and 'time & resources model'. To provide better services, we collaborate with customer during the design, development and maintenance phase of new software products or make changes to an outdated legacy software. 

If in some case, the specifications step is not clearly defined, we can refine and redefine it together with our customer. Second step is to make initial estimate of the costs and choose one of the outsourcing models - depending on the project's complexity, use: 

Fixed Price model.
If the product is relatively simple with clear specifications and if the price is based on professional estimation. 

Time & Resources model.
If the product is complex with unclear features or if the commitment does not need to predefined. Rather, the price is based on use resources and the hours spent during the development. 

Hybride model.
This is the combination of Fixed Price and Time & Resources models which can be used when the complexity of the product is not yet defined and/or features are not fully understandable. Refine and clear specifications of a product are specified on the basis of Time & Resources model. The product can be further developed based on the Fixed Price of Time & Resources mode - it all depends on the wishes of our customer. 


Common advantages of project-based outsourcing:

  The project is defined by you

  The customer can concentrate on core activities

 We have full control and responsibilities for the entire project.  

 Access to specific technical knowledge and best practices of the same.

  No long term risks. 



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