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Customized Software Solutions

 How do we do it?

For various client in all industries we develop customized software solutions. To make everything go with the flow:

  • An inventory of client's wishes and needs is created.
  • Using Scrum and Kanban methodologies, enables having frequent consultations during the development process.  
  • The Bootstrap framework, with or without Umbraco as CMS, is used as the basis for creating globally accepted and implemented platform. 


It can be developed in a reasonable period of time, without compromising the quality of implementation. In addition, it is possible for our team to carry out design needed for your website, application or overall platform. 

About us

We have the knowledge, expertise and experience to build most advanced software products for the Dutch market. By delivering good results, we make our customers satisfied with our work.

  Isatis Sarajevo

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+387 33 865-771