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Valkhof Festival

Valkhof Festival

In 2014, Isatis Online Results has been working on the creation and realization of the website. The goal was to make it user-friendly. During the Valkhof Festival there are more than 100 bands, but how to make this clear on a website? In order to achieve these goals, the expertise of UX and Design have been involved. Below you will find out which resources have been used. 


User Experience

How user-friendly is the website? It was easily answered to our satisfied customer with one sentence: "Even complete idiots understand how to use the site." By investigating how people make plan for visiting the festival, we could accurately offer the options that the Valkhof Festival needed. For example, you can filter by day or genre, discover random bands, compose your own schedule with favorite bands and add it automatically on your calendar.  

To actually see what features are most interested to visitors, we used Google Analytics tools to record every interaction on the website. This gave us an insight into how people filtered through the music and what agenda our visitor used the most.



Based on the mock-ups made by the UX team, a web design has been made that perfectly matches the atmosphere of the festival. 

During the design phase, the beautiful green surroundings in the Valkhofpark have been estimated. The header is generated after seeing the green leaves. The usage of photography gives a good picture of the atmosphere during the festival.





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