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How to speed up subscriptions

Back in 2014, our team from Isatis Online Results has been working on website improvements with the primary goal of increasing the individual subscriptions for the business and t-shirt sales. In order to make it happen, all expertise have been used. The following is an overview of the used resources.


Online Marketing

The Scholten Awater Zevenheuvelenloop has very appealing Facebook page. Isatis Online Results took this as advantage. Campaigns have been made to target a new target group. In addition, targeting campaigns have been created so that visitors of the website and participants of previous events were encouraged to subscribe.   


User Experience

To improve the user experience, we had to improve the overall flow on the website. A completely new page was designed for the business run - to draw it attractively and professionally. Adding business run images for falling into joyful mood, while adding the text gives you clear information. Additionally, many visitors downloaded our developing toolkit, printable enrollment lists and an example email for convincing their boss.  

Most importantly, we set up a analysis plan with Online Marketing to measure the interaction and conversion on the website. Google Analytics tools are used to show the primary insights of activities of the same.  



Since 2012, Isatis Online Results has been designing the campaign images and t-shirts for the Zevenheuvelenloop. Due to the extreme cooperation, Isatis Online Results also works on two other running events of the Zevenheuvelenloop Foundation:

  • Marikenloop and
  • Stevensloop


In the upcoming years, Isatis Online Results will maintain the work for the overall appearance of all three walks.  




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