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Software development

Software is our passion

Our software solutions are designed by focusing on the future. It is not just about having the best functionality; the design must be logical and structured as well. Our .NET expertise have the latest knowledge in software development. By following the Agile SCRUM and Kanban methods we have continuous delivery. 


We are .NET expertise

Creating software solution in .NET has a lot of benefits, because it is: 

  • The biggest platform in the market
  • The best ecosystem
  • Integrates seamlessly with server side parts 
  • Simpler to secure
  • Better to configure
  • Easier to develop the ability to apply generics 
  • Integrated data layer capabilities (DAL - Data Access Layer) using Entity Framework
About us

We have the knowledge, expertise and experience to build most advanced software products for the Dutch market. By delivering good results, we make our customers satisfied with our work.

  Isatis Sarajevo

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+387 33 865-771