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Virtual posting

What is virtual posting?

Virtual posting, sometimes known as remote posting, is the ability of our potential customers to hire dedicated software developers from Bosnia that can work within different types of development projects.


Common advantages of virtual posting

  The project is managed  by the customer.  

  Ability to have a direct contact  with the software expertise assigned to your project- 

  The customer pays a fixed hourly rate  per hired software developer. 

  It is the fastest  way to deploy technical expert  to your project. 

 The customer takes a very small  amount of risk

The best of everything is that our developers have a qualified place in the team, regularly available for virtual contact and involved during the decision-making in the field of our expertise. Having a clear agreements are of great importance to our software developers.  



About us

We have the knowledge, expertise and experience to build most advanced software products for the Dutch market. By delivering good results, we make our customers satisfied with our work.

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